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February 2018
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The true measure of the school’s excellence can be found in the achievements of its alumni and alumnae. San Sebastian College is known to develop leaders who are intellectually and globally competitive imbued with Augustinian Recollect values. An enormous number of school’s alumni and alumnae have gained unique distinction through success in their profession, service to the college, and contribution to their communities.


In preparation of the 75th Foundation Anniversary Celebration of the school, the college will recognize 75 school’s alumni and alumnae (graduated and finished their program in SSC-R) who have made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honored the legacy of excellence at the institution.

Distinguished Alumni Award Program


San Sebastian College- Recoletos de Manila will give recognition to 75 alumni achievers, as follows:

1. The Outstanding Alumna/Alumnus Awardis conferred on alumni who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions in their chosen field of endeavor. This may be given to an alumnus/alumna who—in addition to qualifying for Outstanding Alumni Award—also satisfies the criteria for the Most Outstanding Alumnus Award as described in the succeeding pages. The Most Outstanding Alumna/Alumnus will be awarded in different categories and areas mentioned below:

Award Categories:
A. Business (private entrepreneur / corporate world)
B. Community and Public Service (law enforcement, church involvement, NGO’s, or mentoring)
C. Professional (clinical, academic, or research) Moreover, the recipient must be a member of a professional or civic organization.

2. The Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Awards are given to senior alumni who have achieved professional distinction and demonstrated meritorious service throughout their career.

3. The Outstanding Service Awards are given to individual alumni and alumni chapters or groups who have rendered exceptional service in the pursuit of the goals of the school.

4. Multi-Generation SSC-R Alumni Family Awards will be bestowed on families who have produced, as of the end of 2014, at least three successive generations of SSC-R alumni.

5. Posthumous Award will be awarded to the immediate family of the alumni/alumnae who dies in service and giving honor to the school and community.


Nominations for these awards may be made any of the following San Sebastian alumnus/alumni:

B.1. Endorse by the Alumni chapter both in local and international;
B.2. Endorse by their batch mates; and
B.3. Individual or group endorsement

The said nominee should also possess the following:

a. SERVICE ORIENTATION – the nominee’s work has clearly benefited other people, groups and society at large, and not merely private or personal interests;
b. LEADERSHIP – the nominee has demonstrated effective and inspiring personal leadership in accomplishing the work for which s/he is being awarded; i.e., achievements can be attributed more to the person than to the official position/job/title s/he has held;
c. IMPACT – the nominee’s work has had a substantial impact on the people, geographic area, or sector covered by the award, both qualitatively (how deep, lasting or transformative) and quantitatively (how many people or groups benefited within the area or sector);
d. INTEGRITY – there is no serious concern about, or challenge to, the nominee’s personal integrity.

Evaluation of nominees and selection of awardees will be made by the a) Alumni Committee(External Committee) which will be composed of professionals in different fields and no present connections or affiliations in San Sebastian College in order toavoid biases; b) 75th Committeeon Outstanding Alumnito endorse the selected awardee for screening; and c) School Board for their final approval.


The guidelines for these four types of awards are detailed below.

1. Outstanding SSC-R Alumnus Award

The nominee must satisfy all the criteria established for the Outstanding Alumni Award and must significantly stand out among the Distinguished Alumni Awardees selected for the year, e.g., if s/he achieved distinction in multiple professional fields or areas of endeavor, or made a clearly greater qualitative or quantitative impact than other awardees in her/his profession or areas of endeavor.

In addition, the nominee must have attained national, and possibly international, prestige that has brought honor and distinction to the school and the country.

2. Lifetime Outstanding Lifetime Awards

The nominee, throughout the course of a career that is completed or nearly so, must have consistently rendered illustrious and meritorious service and achieved distinction in her/his areas of endeavor, which altogether clearly made the nominee a credit to her/his profession and to the college. The nominee, furthermore, should be an outstanding citizen who has led an exemplary life.

Given the character of this award, alumni who have retired from service in the public or private sector (but may yet be otherwise active), may merit higher rating points for the award.

3. Outstanding Service Awards

The SSC-R Oustanding Service Awards are given as a special recognition to individual alumni and alumni chapters or groups who have rendered exceptional service in the pursuit of the goals and charism of the school. In addition to the merits of their contributions, the integrity of nominees shall also be considered. The Outstanding Service Award for an alumni chapter may be conferred on an in- country or foreign-based alumni chapter, accredited by the SSC-R Alumni Association, for its meritorious and exceptional activities, projects and other services which benefit not only the chapter members, but also to the school community.

4. Multi-generation SSC-R Alumni Family Recognition
Will give special recognition to families who have produced, as of the end of 2014, three or more successive generations of SSC-R. alumni, i.e., grandparent(s), parent(s), child(ren), and/or grandchild(ren). Regardless of their current place of residence or citizenship, each of these alumni in the family must have: spent some years in the Philippines after their studies in San Sebastian College., rendered some service to the nation, and continued to uphold the vision, mission and values that the school stands for.

5. Posthumous Award

The school may bestow Posthumous Award if the alumni/alumnae had at the time of death:

a. Completed the program and qualified for the award
b. Did an extraordinary service to his/her profession and community
c. Did an extraordinary service to San Sebastian College.


1. Nomination information may be provided to the community through school official website and in a published format after 74th Foundation, with a deadline on November 2015.

2. Nomination information will be provided to San Sebastian College-Recoletos faculty, school personnel, parents, stakeholders, and alumni association using the most effective type of communication.

3. Any individual or group may submit a nomination to the Alumni Association and 75th Alumni Outstanding Award Committee.

5. Nominations remain in the nominee pool for 10 months.

6. The 75th Outstanding Alumni Committee will endorse the nominees and the necessary documents for the review and evaluation of the External Alumni Committee.

7. The External Alumni Committee will assess the documents for at least two weeks. Endorse to the 75th Outstanding Alumni Committee the 75 possible recipients of the award in different categories.

8. The 75th Outstanding Alumni Committee will endorse and recommend the said list to the School Board for final approval.

9. Nominations Committee will inform the president of the ECU Alumni Association’s Board of Directors of the recommendation(s), who will consult with the President of the University concerning these nominations.

10. The final selection of the 75 Outstanding Alumni will be made by the School Board.

11. Notification to the recipient(s) will be determined by the President of the College and the President of Alumni Association.


1. Any nominations should be submitted in a separate document and mailed/delivered to: Head, SDPC and Office of Alumni.

2. If submitted in an electronic format, this will be submitted to and

All submissions should include at least the following:
a. Name of Nominator
b. phone number(s),
c. email address
d. Date of Submission
e. Name of Nominee(s),
f. phone number(s),
g. email address
h. Year(s) that Nominee(s) graduated from San Sebastian College Degree(s)/Major(s)
i. Spouse’s name (if applicable)
j. Children of Nominee (full names and full birth dates)
k. Children who attended SSC-R Year(s) of graduation Degree(s)/major(s)
l. Any other education obtained by the nominee (other schools attended, years of graduation, degree(s)/major(s))

Other documents needed:
a. A list and description of any activities, awards or recognition that the nominee received during years at SSC-R
b. A list and description of any SSC-R activities, awards or recognition received after graduation
c. A list and description of professional activities, affiliations, any offices held, and any related awards
d. A list and description of civic activities, affiliations, offices held, and any related awards
e. A list and description of any hobbies or special interests.

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